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Latest payment (12/11/2017): 39e43a2193f7a3fc7c05dd5258276ad3965566efca0b28876c19f2323127bd66
Thank you for participating and keep on claiming.

Our first lottery has ended. Congratulations to all the winners.
Get your tickets in for the next lottery. Good luck!

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Payments are processed automatically if you hit the minimum threshold of 300 satoshi.

On this faucet you will not directly claim satoshi, but points. Each claim gives you 1 point. At the end of the day a leaderboard will be calculated and you get your rewards according to the table below.


Once you hit the threshold of 20000 satoshi, your balance will be automatically paid to the given bitcoin address. Please note, that payouts are only once a week, usually on mondays.

The more you claim, the more you get

The table below shows you the rewards for the specific positions.

From To Satoshi


Daily bonus

Daily claims will reward you. Each day you claim you get 1% more of your rewards. Up to a maximum of 100%
You can easily double you reward just by claiming once a day.

1000+ Bonus

If you don't make it on the leaderboard (place 1000 or below) you will receive the 1000+ bonus. It will increase the points you get for each claim. It grows by 0.1 points per day. However, once you make it on the leaderboard this bonus will be reset.
With that bonus everyone has the chance to get a good position. It is just important to keep the bonus up by claiming daily.


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Happy claiming

Thank you for your support!

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